Time Recording

Capture actual time and cost on projects

Simple to use
Mobile device support
Capture project time
Track time/costs
Rollup to portfolio
View balance
R&D tax credit reports
Analyse deployment

Capture actual time spent… analyse for business intelligence

GenSight has simple to use time recording functions to capture actual time and/or cost spent on projects. Data input is simple, and mobile device support makes it real easy for all project staff to use.

GenSight resource management – plan, allocate, track

See where time gets spent


Time recording is aggregated across all project teams and rolled up to the portfolio level – to give big picture reports and analysis.

Outputs can be viewed in reports, charts, dashboards, with full drill down and business intelligence grade analytics. Analysis extends to reporting to support R&D tax credit assessments, with appropriate categorization and filtering to rapidly get to the valuable data required to support such financial processes.

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Resource Planning

Resource Allocation

Time Recording


Time Recording

Time and cost recording, and aggregation into strategic and financial reports

Configurable Settings

Content panels
Chart selections
Mini reports
KPI Indicators
Drill down capabilities