Stage Gate 

Do the right projects better… from idea to value

Reduce time to value
Focus resources better
Weed out poor projects
Improve success rate
Enhance project value
Reduce risk
Decide – Go, kill, hold
Make gates really work

Create and deliver the right portfolio of projects

The ‘right’ projects must tick a number of boxes, including:

  • Good business case – considering investment, customer need, likely return and risk level
  • Aligned with business strategy
  • Good fit with overall balance of the portfolio – not too many eggs in same basket
  • Compatible with available resources and competences of the organization

In practice it’s a complex challenge. It requires good management and good tools. GenSight offers you an integrated solution to succeed in this vital and complex area.

Harness Innovation

  • Capture, share & develop ideas
  • Progress best ideas to projects
  • Build business case by stage
  • Qualify, choose, accelerate

Build Business Case

  • Forecast cost, sales/benefits
  • Explore integrated P&L
  • Assess return
  • Link financials to schedule

Plan Resources

  • Request, assign and schedule
  • Manage demand vs capacity
  • Identify resource shortfalls
  • Time recording & reports

Manage Gates

  • Integrated approvals process
  • Improve validation & quality
  • Workflow automation
  • Audit trail of decisions

Manage Projects

  • Plan time, cost, deliverables
  • Clear milestones and gates
  • Dashboards to track and monitor
  • RAG status monitors & alerts

Manage Risk

  • Technical & commercial risk scorecards
  • Improve visibility of uncertainty
  • Identify probability of success
  • Track and compare past results


  • Identify projects with best potential
  • Rank order with objective criteria
  • Meet financial and strategic priorities
  • Filter projects by goal alignment

Manage Deliverables

  • Store centrally and share globally
  • Use & adapt best-practice templates
  • Choose mandatory gate criteria
  • Prompt managers with checklists

Key Features

Stage Gate certified
Express, lite, & full processes
Workflow, alerts, email
Fully configurable with process editor
Tailor process by business
Virtual gate meetings
Ensure gate governance

Proven, flexible, scalable

Stage-Gate is well known and accepted, but it must be done right to work effectively. The Stage-Gate process must be customized to suit the type of projects and how your organization works.
GenSight gives you the power of Stage Gate automation, built-in, with the flexibility to tailor this to your particular way of doing things.
GenSight has been implemented globally by the world’s biggest and best organizations. The architecture is highly scalable, from small portfolios to those with many thousands of live projects.

Discover how to leverage financial management to enhance the project portfolio…