Stage Gate Management

Get the best ideas to market, faster and cheaper

Stage-gate certified
Idea to launch process
Best-practice solution
Harness innovation/ideas
Focus on best projects
Workflow support/control
Multiple/flexible processes
Full, lite, express, DMAIC..

Flexible stage-gate processes, integrated functionality

The stage gate process in GenSight is configured to your process needs. You can operate a range of different processes and templates within your product pipeline to cater for different project types and business unit needs. Stage gate express, lite, agile and DMAIC are all standard, and you can easily adapt and expand. Importantly, for large enterprise deployments, you can freely mix and match processes to support a diverse range of projects.

GenSight has flexible stage-gate methodology built-in

Deploy best-practices

GenSight is fully stage-gate certified – an independent assessment led by Dr Robert Cooper, the creator of the stage-gate methodology. GenSight scored 100% on all 220 criteria. The full feature set of GenSight is extensive and impressive.
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Stage-Gate Process

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Stage Gate Functions

Flexible, integrated stage gate process management

Configurable Settings

Content panels
Chart selections
Mini reports
KPI Indicators
Drill down capabilities