Schedule and monitor all projects in the portfolio

Integrated timeline
Link to resources
See financial impact
See inside pipeline
Manage global programs
Link dependencies
Cascade release dates
Visual tools/charts

Integrated road mapping to align projects with strategy

Schedule time, costs, resources and deliverables. Individual project schedules are automatically connected within the system to give a portfolio view of resource and financial requirements. In addition, milestones and launch dates are used to provide financial rollups and forecasts of revenue across the business. Whenever a project schedule is changed, the resource, cost and revenue profile move with it.

Project information management, status tracking and scheduling

Project management support

Top to bottom, GenSight provides integrated functionality to plan, schedule, track and deliver projects. The linkage between individual projects and the big picture is seamless. Portfolio and pipeline views always show the latest view, and the impact on achieving strategic goals.

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Project Information

Best Practice



Project Scheduling

Integrated project management support tools

Configurable Settings

Content panels
Chart selections
Mini reports
KPI Indicators
Drill down capabilities