Risk Management

Analyse, quantify and manage risk

Probability of success
Technical and commercial
Multi criteria scorecards
Risk vs Return
Risk profile visualization
Realistic business plans
Improve forward planning
Real time RAG status

Objective assessment of probability of success

GenSight helps you manage uncertainty. Your ability to assess the probability of success of projects will be more objective. Judgements based on facts. With consideration of both technical and commercial factors that influence the likelihood of project success. Your forward planning will be more robust and realistic.

GenSight includes a comprehensive suite of integrated functionality

Track all projects

GenSight risk analysis uses multiple criteria – technical and commercial – to give an informed assessment. When combined with the financial analytics you get to see which projects offer the best return vs risk trade-off.

As well as forward planning, GenSight helps you manage and track specific risks and issues that affect a project. RAG status indicators are part of project management. These tell you what is happening now, real time, and also get rolled up to the big picture portfolio level.

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Risk Management

Scenario Planning

Risk Management

Objectively assess projects for probability of success, and manage risks throughout project lifecycle

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