Resource Management

Plan, allocate and track… Get more from what you have

Balance demand vs capacity
Explore different scenarios
Align projects to strategy
Maximize long term value
Avoid wasted resources
Co-ordinate, control, collaborate
Track actual resource usage
Enhance communication

Take control to harness the true value of your resources

Every day resources get allocated. But are they allocated to your best projects?

Deploying your resources should not be allowed to just ‘happen’, yet it often is. It’s tough to do it right, and it can be a mystery to many managers. But good news is…

You don’t  need to re-invent the wheel. GenSight incorporates best-practices, honed from years of working with the world’s biggest and best organizations. It’s all here.

Manage Capacity

  • Forecast capacity over time
  • Map and track availability
  • Model by role/function
  • Flexible hierarchical structure

Allocate Resources

  • Request, reserve and allocate
  • Prioritize to best projects
  • Approve with workflow
  • Control allocation process

Identify Shortfalls

  • Spot resource deficiencies
  • Model over time by role
  • Manage bottlenecks
  • Explore resourcing options

Analyse Deployment

  • By role, type, BU…
  • Visualize many ways
  • Business Intelligence grade tols
  • Export R&D Tax credit data

Manage Demand

  • Forecast required resources
  • Link resources to gates or dates
  • Map by project, stage & task
  • Rollup to portfolio

Track Resources

  • Capture actual time & cost
  • Workflow assists capture
  • Configure costing calculations
  • Record R&D Tax Credit data

Optimize Portfolio

  • Synthesize to fit constraints
  • Explore alternative scenarios
  • Balance with strategic priorities
  • Compare alternative portfolios

Report Status

  • Analyse loading and status
  • Dashboards for key metrics
  • Track issues and logs
  • Export to Excel

Key Features

Enterprise-wide solution
Best-practices built in
Flexible request/assign processes
Role based and named resources
Integral timeline links resource plan to gates and financials
Fully configurable
Complete end-to-end solution

The power and simplicity of an integrated solution

GenSight is in daily use at many of the world’s largest corporations. It is used to manage resources on project portfolios that run to billions of dollars of spend.

It’s an integrated solution, which means one source of the truth. It means collaboration. When a project manager updates a schedule it means that the impact on the resource picture shows immediately. It means you can base decisions on reality.

With GenSight, your projects and resources and strategy can all be aligned .


Realise the full potential of your resources with the right project management…