Resource Allocation

Schedule, assign and monitor project resources

Control allocation process
Flexible workflow model
Prioritize best projects
Real time capacity model
Integrates to financials
Link to schedules
Task/stage/project level
Many configuration options

Allocate and deploy resources more effectively

GenSight has a flexible resource allocation workflow model – spanning the stages of request, assign and schedule – which you can utilise according to your specific business needs. These functions link with the resource planning model in GenSight if you choose to use it, or can be used independently. It’s all about flexibility, so you can deploy the tools as you need them.

GenSight resource management – plan, allocate, track

Assign resources

You can use allocate resources at any level – task, stage, project – and they will automatically be linked to the scheduling timeline as appropriate.
Resources can be allocated as a priority to the best projects, using GenSight’s capability to assess and prioritize. Resource allocation, capacity planning and optimization all operate in symphony, to give you a truly integrated model.

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Resource Planning

Resource Allocation

Time Recording


Resource Allocation

Plan, allocate and track resources on all projects in the portfolio

Configurable Settings

Content panels
Chart selections
Mini reports
KPI Indicators
Drill down capabilities