Project Management

Deliver projects… to meet strategic goals

Improved productivity
Better control/visibility
Reduced risk
Info feeds portfolio
Flexible methodology
Improved communication
Workflow improves efficiency
Shared information repository

Good strategy depends on good project management

Innovation projects are complex. Management requires discipline and innovation, and a balanced approach. GenSight supports Project Managers and team members in the efficient delivery of strategic projects. The built-in methodology promotes improved productivity with less risk.

Project Charter

  • Set goals and objectives
  • Define leadership roles
  • Categorize project type
  • Assess risks and issues


  • Development costs to launch
  • Model sales forecast
  • Assess required resources
  • Link forecasts to schedule


  • Plan milestones and tasks
  • Review Gantt charts
  • Forecast gating schedule
  • Workflow to gain approvals


  • Publish project charter
  • Define access rights
  • One-click PowerPoint deck
  • Email alerts and actions

Plan Stages

  • Select stage gate process
  • Full, lite, express, DMAIC..
  • Use checklists of deliverables
  • Present gate plan

Build Business Case

  • Expand content by stage
  • Living online document
  • Present for gate approvals
  • Use best-practice templates


  • Dashboards track key measures
  • RAG status indicators
  • Track cost, time, quality
  • Integrated reports save time


  • Store and share deliverables
  • Searchable document management
  • Identify linked projects
  • Share resources effectively

Key Features

RAG status
Time, quality, cost indicators
Milestone dates and progress
Risks and issues log
Actions and links to approvals process
Document creation and management
Configurable workflow

The benefits of an integrated solution

Project managers benefit from improved productivity. GenSight makes their life easier. This means project information is kept up to date. Schedules are revised and forecasts are automatically recalculated…. Right the way through to the portfolio.
GenSight really is an end-to-end and top-to-bottom solution.

Explore how managing ideas can stimulate new and innovative projects…