Product Roadmapping

GenSight enables you to see your entire development pipeline. You can create interconnected roadmaps that show new product launches, upgrades, release schedules and key milestones.

You can organize roadmaps and pipeline charts around flexible criteria in order to manage the portfolio across multiple dimensions.

GenSight enables you to:

  • Manage interconnected release schedules of global, regional and local product launches.
  • Manage the cascading of technology from base R&D to development projects
  • Assess overall balance, timing and risks to the product line
  • Analyse the pipeline and release schedule across flexible market and product dimensions – such as region, product group, technology platform, channel, strategy goals
  • Clearly visualize the phasing, timing and status of all market led investments

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GenSight Benefits

  • Manage entire portfolio
  • Prioritize effectively
  • Plan product roadmaps
  • Make better gate decisions
  • Optimize portfolio balance
  • Focus resources
  • Reduce time to market
  • Increase competitive advantage

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