Identify projects with the best potential

Multiple criteria
Objective analysis/ranking
Financial and strategic
Value vs Risk
Assess innovation profile
Align to strategy
Accelerate best projects
Prioritize resources

Criteria based prioritization to select the best projects

GenSight combines financial, risk and strategic criteria so you can objectively assess all your projects. You can rank order, filter and select. Top down criteria based prioritization enables you to focus resources on the best projects to accelerate growth.

GenSight includes a comprehensive suite of decision support tools

Prioritize objectively

Flexible and powerful tools ensure you can make more informed decisions, at gate meetings and portfolio reviews.
GenSight brings objectivity to what can otherwise be a diffuse and cloudy task. And, there are very few decisions that are more important than prioritization. From individual projects to the whole portfolio, the projects you decide to select today will determine the shape and prosperity of the business in the future.

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Risk Management

Scenario Planning

Criteria based prioritization

Focus resources on the best projects, and align with strategy

Configurable Settings

Content panels
Chart selections
Mini reports
KPI Indicators
Drill down capabilities