Portfolio Management

Translate strategy into action… Do the right projects

Top down prioritization
Maximize long term value
Align projects to strategy
Optimize value vs risk
Visualize entire portfolio
See and adjust balance
Shape future market focus
Compare what-if scenarios

In reality, strategy is a collection of projects

Your future is determined by the projects you select today.

Picking the right projects is critical, and complex, which means you need the right tools. GenSight offers you best-practice capability, integrated in a top-to-bottom end-to-end solution…


  • Top-down criteria based ranking
  • Mix financial and strategic
  • Assess value, risk, innovation, fit, market/competitive advantage

Invest Wisely

  • Transparency of costs/returns
  • See payback timelines
  • Match corporate goals
  • Full P&L drill down

Inform Decisions

  • Integrated business intelligence
  • Built-in algorithmic analysis
  • Real time big data crunching
  • Dashboards you can drill into


  • Share insights across organization
  • Beat down silo barriers
  • Synthesize to build consensus
  • Explain tough trade-offs


  • Interactive, clickable live data
  • Bubble charts, radar, pie, bar, line, multi-dimensional, multi-layer…
  • BI performance built-in

Manage Risk

  • Identify and quantify risk
  • Tackle risks and issues
  • Balance risk vs return
  • Better insight, better decisions

Explore Scenarios

  • Test alternative assumptions
  • Explore what-if questions
  • Manage uncertainty
  • Compare strategic options

Build Governance

  • Monitor execution of strategy
  • History trail builds learning
  • Audit information quality
  • Ensure process alignment

Key Features

Enterprise-wide solution
Fully configurable toolset
Span multiple businesses and tailor to each
Integrated portfolio, stage-gate, resource and project management
Best-practices built in
Top-down and bottom-up planning
Business intelligence grade visualisation and drill-down

Proven, flexible, scalable

GenSight is in daily use at many of the world’s largest corporations. It is used to manage tens of billions of dollars of project investments, to align, to optimize, to manage risk.

It’s an integrated solution, which means one source of the truth. It means collaboration. When a manager responds to a risk or revises a forecast, the impact is immediately reflected in the portfolio. It means you can base decisions on reality.

Discover how you can build and maintain the right portfolio of projects using stage-gate …