Ideas Management

Harness the potential of ideas… and convert to value

Capture and refine ideas
Build into projects
Crystalize creativity
Encourage innovation
Increase pipeline value
Inspire with strategic vision
Objectively assess new ideas
Collaborate to create value

Feed the pipeline with ideas

Feeding the innovation pipeline means selecting ideas that tick a number of boxes, including:

  • Potential to produce a good business case
  • Meets a real need with a realistic potential return
  • Underpinned by a genuine capability with acceptable risk
  • Aligned with business strategy and competences of the organization

Ideas can remain in the ‘hopper’ until the time is right. GenSight offers you an integrated solution to harness the potential of ideas and turn it into value.


  • Multiple sources –  customer request, market  pull, technology push
  • Strategic insight prompts ideas
  • Vision feeds creativity


  • Identify ideas with best potential
  • Prioritize with simple criteria
  • Align with strategic priorities
  • Filter by type and goal


  • Enhance & develop possibilities
  • Stage by stage evolution
  • Link to project hierarchies
  • Workflow to aid progress


  • Simple information capture
  • Mobile device support
  • Categorize, tag and search
  • Store in ideas hopper


  • Store centrally and share globally
  • Use workflow to communicate
  • Support global programs
  • Universal outreach


  • Categorize, filter and search
  • Outline potential value drivers
  • Qualify, choose, accelerate
  • Measure and report KPIs

Key Features

Stage Gate certified
Simple forms capture
Mobile devices
Express, lite, & full processes
Configurable information management
Simple prioritization
Enterprise wide solution

Creating insight promotes innovation

Clear visibility of strategic goals is a powerful stimulus for innovation. Project portfolio management helps you to deliver the best ideas to the marketplace quicker. It also engenders a clear understanding of new possibilities and creative opportunities. When you can see exactly what you have in the pipeline, you also see the gaps that need to be filled.

Discover how you can use insight from the portfolio to promote strategy-led innovation…