History & Audit

Integrated history and audit recording

Integrated history records
Audit trail of changes
Calendar roll-back
Historical comparisons
‘What-was’ vs ‘What-is’
Process metrics/trends
Continuous improvement
Organisational learning

Learn from the past, improve your future

GenSight incorporates an extensive data trail feature that automatically builds and tracks the history of all your projects, and associated data. This serves multiple purposes – from audit trail verification to the ability quite simply to turn back the clock and see what things looked like back then. This means you can compare original assumptions, with latest knowledge.

Integrated history, audit trail and roll-back views

Automatic audit trail

Process metrics and patterns can all be explored – you can identify who changed what, you can identify who or what was most reliable in their ability ‘back then’ to foresee what you know now. It forms a powerful knowledge-bank, that continuously builds over time. You get a corporate memory of all your innovation projects – and which beliefs and projections proved most realistic.

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Stage-Gate Process

Business Case


History & Audit

Integrated History

History and audit trail records show how plans and assumptions have changed

Configurable Settings

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