Financial Management

Forecast, plan, analyse and track

Estimate costs by stage/time
Forecast sales over time
Project P&L, built-in
NPV, ROI, IRR, custom
Forecasts link to schedule
Project data feeds portfolio
Dashboard KPI charts/reports
Slice and dice drill-down

Integrated business case management

Your financial model gets more robust as projects gain maturity. All managed on-line, in an integrated solution. Project-level financials feed portfolio analysis, in real-time. Not only that, but if a project is delayed or advanced, the financials are instantly shuffled along, and all of the ratios, roll-ups and dashboards are dynamically adjusted.

Forecast Costs

  • Development, Capex, Opex
  • Integral timeline
  • Attach costs to stages
  • Slide cost model in time

Track Actuals

  • Import from ERP/SAP
  • Compare budget to actuals
  • Monitor and report variance
  • Drill down to detail


  • Full P&L over time
  • Analyse NPV, ROI, IRR
  • Choose custom KPIs
  • Calculate custom ratios

Model Scenarios

  • Share insights across organization
  • Beat down silo barriers
  • Synthesize to build consensus
  • Explain tough trade-offs

Forecast Sales

  • Integral timeline forecasts
  • Model future sales/profits
  • Link returns to launch date
  • Plan global rollout sequence

Learn from History

  • Audit records with notes
  • Automatic history trail
  • Calendar wind-back feature
  • What we thought then

Model Risk

  • Incorporate risk in forecasts
  • Risk adjust financials
  • Compare risk by scenarios
  • Assess risk with scorecards

Report and Export

  • Rich reporting and charting
  • Integrates with Excel, 2 way
  • Publish dashboards to Powerpoint
  • Export data for BI tools

Key Features

Configurable finance model
Integrated portfolio, stage-gate, resource and project management
Custom formula and KPIs
Full P&L and key ratios
Best-practices built in
Integration with Excel, 2 way
Business intelligence grade visualisation and drill-down

The power of financial plans based on realism


GenSight is in daily use at many of the world’s largest corporations.  The financial model is tailored to match your organization. Whatever level of sophistication you require, GenSight can deliver – from simple short form financials, to extensive risk adjusted financial models.
It’s an integrated solution which means that any operational change in a project is immediately reflected in the financial plan. And, integration with ERP systems mean you can track and compare to actuals.

Discover how you can manage your resources to support and execute the right projects

Discover how you can manage your resources to support and execute the right projects…