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Integrated sales forecasting and P&L

Full P&L analysis
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NPV, ROI, IRR etc..
Custom metrics/KPIs
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Integral timeline
Linked to schedules

Full financial analysis throughout entire portfolio

GenSight combines sales and cost models to produce Profit and Loss (P&L) analysis for each project, over a span of multiple years. This analysis is intrinsically linked to project schedules and timing, and any change in timing of the project automatically adjusts the financial models.

GenSight has integrated cost, sales and P&L forecasting

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The P&L model also includes key ratios and metrics, such as payback period, ROI, IRR and NPV. You can also easily configure additional custom KPIs and financial metrics. In fact the whole financial model can be custom configured as needed, simply by changing a few Excel-like formula statements in the configuration settings.
GenSight aggregates financial information from individual projects so you can analyse the portfolio at multiple levels. This also includes the ability to do dynamic slice and dice, and filtering, so you can see the effect of alternative portfolio combinations, timing, global rollout plans etc..
The scenario planning tools in GenSight are also integrated into this model, so if you model alternative assumptions about future market conditions, for example, then you can see the effect of these uncertainties in the differing rates of return that you will achieve. It is a tool to make strategic decisions, based on reality, and linked in real time to the current status and delivery schedule of your projects – truly top to bottom.

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Financial Analysis

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