Document Management

Store, search, share and collaborate

Global repository
Any document type
Link to projects
Indexed & searchable
2-way data exchange
Request, assign, schedule
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Intelligent search engine

Collaborate efficiently and manage project information

GenSight enables you to store, retrieve and share documents of almost any kind. You can upload project related documents into GenSight so that they are readily accessible in a shared repository, linked to the relevant project records. Project managers and team managers can quickly and easily share key documents, spreadsheets, project plans and related information.

Project information stored centrally and shared globally

Collaboration and communication

Powerful search features enable you to locate information by key word or free text search throughout the entire knowledge base. This means that project workers can locate relevant information and utilize learning from other projects that have tackled similar problems or produced relevant outputs.

If your organization uses a specialist document management system, then documents held in such systems can be linked into the GenSight knowledgebase for seamless connectivity.

GenSight also enables you to produce standardized documents and narrative reports from information held in database – by selecting the required template you simply click to produce a neatly formatted document containing all information for a feasibility brief, business case or PID. The feature is a real time saver when it comes to distributing comprehensive documentation for decision makers and gate reviews – just one click produces the document you need.

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Document Management

Cross functional collaboration and workflow support

Configurable Settings

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