Role based dashboards… Updated in real time

Inform decisions
Analytics built-in
Highly visual
Dynamic drill down
Real time KPIs
Forecast, track, report
Role based views
Highly configurable

Interactive dashboards to track and manage the portfolio

GenSight dashboards are role based and highly configurable. They provide an informative visual summary of KPIs across the portfolio. You can drill down to detail, get numeric tabular reports, slice and dice the data. An extensive suite of visual options ensure you can get the most effective visual display of information.

GenSight includes a comprehensive suite of integrated functionality

Track all projects

GenSight includes a comprehensive suite of integrated functionality…

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Risk Management

Scenario Planning

Role based dashboards

Improve decision quality with the right information, right up to date, presented as you need it.

Configurable Settings

Content panels
Chart selections
Mini reports
KPI Indicators
Drill down capabilities