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Forecast project lifecycle costs, on time-based model

The GenSight cost forecasting model builds an accurate picture of all costs incurred during the lifecycle of a project cost. It pulls together different categories of expense, such as development, operating and capital. The timing of expenses in the model is linked to the timing of the project. This helps give an accurate reflection of cost build over stages or milestones, and it also ensures realism if a project is delayed or accelerated at a particular gate.

GenSight has integrated cost, sales and P&L forecasting

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The cost model is dynamic, and linked to all other planning tools in GenSight. For example, when comparing options to delay some projects in order to accelerate others, the cost model will automatically compensate for the shift in timing. This adjustment will flow right through all the GenSight models up to the overall portfolio return metrics, so you can genuinely see the effect of scheduling changes.

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