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Build a robust business case, online

GenSight has best-practice built in to capture cross functional information for a realistic business plan. These are built and refined progressively, as your projects develop, from idea through feasibility, development… to launch. Its living document. The process is linked to stage gate, to prompt, gather and control information collection. Integrated approvals, gate management and workflow ensure efficiency for project managers, and effective corporate governance.

Online business case builder, cross functional collaboration

Dynamic business case


Business plans in GenSight are dynamic. Automatically refreshed, validated and recalculated when any input – such as status, schedule or financial assumptions – is changed. Business plans include extensive financial analysis coupled with the basics of project goals, benefits, timescales, risks and return.
For convenience you can view and manage business cases directly in the web app pages, or via a neatly formatted interactive Word document that you can take offline if you want, and synchronise back to the database. It’s all very flexible.

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Business Case


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Online Business Case

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