Strategic Position Assessment

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Strategic Position Assessment

Stategic Position Assessment

Portfolio decisions and resource allocation priorities are critical to leadership, and indeed survival. The ability to make complex strategic decisions based upon objective and rigorous criteria is essential. Many questions need coherent answers: Which markets or businesses are the most attractive and why? What products should you grow? How much should you invest and when?


The GenSight Group, the recognized leader in the field of Decision Excellence ® , has created a comprehensive capability to master the complexities and practicalities of fact-based strategic planning. GenSight® deliverables include process design, software tools, and integration of this capability into your business environment. The unique approach has been made possible by the depth of understanding that can only come from first-hand senior management experience, coupled with the innovative development of process methodology and proprietary technology.

GenSight® enables evaluation of market attractiveness, competitive advantage and financial value in order to develop strategies for market segmentation, positioning and resource allocation. GenSight® supports a range of proven strategy models, including:

Strategic Planning Matrix
  • Boston Matrix
  • GE Matrix
  • Directional Policy Model
  • Porter Model
  • Life Cycle Analysis
  • Perceptual Maps

The methodology is fully customizable and is compatible with Value Based Management.

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